Air Force Ranks
Pay Scale Position
****** General of the Air Force (Commissioned Officer)
0-10 Air Force Chief of Staff (Commissioned Officer)
0-10 General (Commissioned Officer)
0-9 Lieutenant General (Commissioned Officer)
0-8 Major General (Commissioned Officer)
0-7 Brigadier General (Commissioned Officer)
0-6 Colonel (Commissioned Officer)
0-5 Lieutenant Colonel (Commissioned Officer)
0-4 Major (Commissioned Officer)
0-3 Captain (Commissioned Officer)
0-2 1st Lieutenant (Commissioned Officer)
0-1 2nd Lieutenant (Commissioned Officer)
Special Chief Master of the Air Force (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-9 First Sergeant Major (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-9 Chief Master Sergeant (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-8 First Sergeant (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-8 Senior Master Sergeant (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-7 First Sergeant (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-7 Master Sergeant (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-6 Technical Sergeant (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-5 Staff Sergeant (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-4 Senior Airman (Enlisted Personnel)
E-3 Airman First Class (Enlisted Personnel)
E-2 Airman (Enlisted Personnel)
E-1 Airman Basic (Enlisted Personnel)