Welcome to Navy South Texas!

We take pride in providing outstanding support and service for all newcomers to the three Navy installations that are located within a 40-mile radius of Corpus Christi. Whatever your status – military, civil service, contractor, family member, full-time employee, or student aviator – we are committed to providing you the highest quality services, programs and facilities because you and your family deserve the best.

Since Naval Air Station Corpus Christi was established in 1941 as the “University of the Air” and NAS Kingsville began flight training one year later, the Navy in South Texas has played a critical role in national defense. Along with the Naval Station Ingleside, established nearly a half century later, the three bases are an integral part of the South Texas community, and support more than 50 tenant commands.

We encourage you to look through this guide to see what services are available at each of the installations. Under partnership agreements, eligible members at one base can use facilities and services available at any of the three installations. For example, a military member, dependent, or DoD civil service employee can play 18 holes of golf at NAS Corpus Christi, or hunt at the Escondido Ranch, arranged through NAS Kingsville, or rent a boat and fishing gear at Naval Station Ingleside.

Seven new military housing communities, with nearly 1,000 new or renovated rental homes and townhouses, are now available to South Texas military members through the Public/Private Venture program. Amenities in each community include swimming pools, playgrounds, sports courts, and a community center. Newcomers are encouraged to contact the Housing Welcome Center at any or all three bases, to determine which location best meets their family needs.

Other partnerships abound to reduce redundancies, increase efficiencies, maximize cost effectiveness and – most importantly – improve services to you, our most important customer.

An outstanding Navy Health Clinic is located at NAS Corpus Christi, but it also operates Branch Clinics at Kingsville and Ingleside in order to provide timely, professional support at those locations. The legal office at Corpus Christi provides assistance to military families throughout South Texas. Personnel Property at Corpus Christi arranges movement and storage of household goods for all three installations.

Other partnerships exist between Morale Welfare and Recreation, the Education Office, Procurement, Housing, Personnel Support Activities, and a number of additional organizations.

These partnerships enable us to provide you and your family the best programs the Navy has to offer!

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