Navy and Coast Guard Ranks
Pay Scale Position
******* Fleet Admiral (Commissioned Officer)
0-10 Chief of Naval Operations (Commissioned Officer)
0-10 Commandant of the Coast Guard (Commissioned Officer)
0-10 Admiral (Commissioned Officer)
0-9 Vice Admiral (Commissioned Officer)
0-8 Rear Admiral (Upper Half) (Commissioned Officer)
0-7 Rear Admiral (Commodore) (Commissioned Officer)
0-6 Captain (Commissioned Officer)
0-5 Commander (Commissioned Officer)
0-4 Lieutenant Commander (Commissioned Officer)
0-3 Lieutenant (Commissioned Officer)
0-2 Lieutenant, Junior Grade (Commissioned Officer)
0-1 Ensign (Commissioned Officer)
W-5 Master Warrant Officer (Warrant Officer)
W-4 Warrant Officer 4 (Warrant Officer)
W-3 Warrant Officer 3 (Warrant Officer)
W-2 Warrant Officer 2 (Warrant Officer)
W-1 Warrant Officer 1 (Warrant Officer)
Special Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-7 Chief Petty Officer (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-6 Petty Officer First Class (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-5 Petty Officer Second Class (Non-Commissioned Officer)
E-4 Petty Officer Third Class (Enlisted Personnel)
E-3 Seaman (Enlisted Personnel)
E-2 Seaman Apprentice (Enlisted Personnel)
E-1 Seaman Recruit (Enlisted Personnel)